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Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Why use VroomBrick over a traditional agent?

VroomBrick is a platform made by veterans FOR veterans, active duty and their spouses that combines technology with procedural guidance to help you facilitate a real estate transaction on your own.

We understand that closing cost can be expensive but believe that technology can make your transaction more efficient and help you save money

By using our platform- commission that WOULD have gone to a buyers agent will now go to YOU as a credit for either: down payment, closing cost, interest rate buydown, or even go back to the seller to make your offer even stronger.

What are the benefits of VroomBrick?

Save money - up to 2% on closing cost or use the credit to buy down your interest rate up to 1% lower!

Save time and be in control - one stop shop for procedural guidance and education so you have the confidence to facilitate your own transaction.

How do I become qualified?

Create a profile and we will validate your credentials and military eligibility and get you pre-approved through a lender.

How does the payment work and how much can I save?

Each listing MLS listing has an allotted buyers agent comission. On average this ranges anywhere between 2-3% of list price. Sellers are accounting for this to come out of their bottom line. Since you are representing yourself with VroomBrick you get to reallocate the majority of what would have went to an agent back to you as a buyer! This savings can go towards: down payment, closing cost, interest rate buydown, or even go back to the seller to make your offer even stronger.

Please see our VroomBrick savings calculator

Will I be able to chat with a professional before submitting a contract?

Yes! At every point in the process you will have the ability to speak with a legal professional through our partnership with a veteran closing attorney during normal business hours.

You also have an on demand virtual assistant for any scheduling and procedures.

This is my first time buying and I am a bit nervous, how will VroomBrick put my worries at ease?

VroomBrick is a platform built on 3 core values: affordability, transparency, and integrity. Built by a veteran FOR veterans and active duty.

We educate and facilitate through our transaction dashboard to make buying a home simple for 1st time home buyers.

We also connect you to the proper stakeholders and by doing so you are empowered to take the buying process into your own hands and save on what would have went to a buyer's agent's commission.

What are the different ways I can use the extra money at closing?

Now that there isn't a buyers agent you are able to use what would have been commission towards:

1) Downpayment

2) Closing cost

3) Interest rate buydown

4) Other cost that lender approves

5) Making your offer stronger by giving it back to the seller

Will VroomBrick be available to people outside the military?

At this time VroomBrick is only open to military, veterans, and their family members. To receive updates on VroomBrick and future developments please use this link to sign up for our newsletter.

How can I tour homes?

Once you create a profile, you will have access to schedule an appointment on any home you see. Simply click the “booking” button and you will be able to book your tour.

VroomBrick uses “Showing Agents” to help you save. Showing Agents are there for your safety and to give you access to the homes you are seeing. Showing agents generally answer objective questions on the home but are not there to "represent" you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

Why should I allow a VroomBrick qualified buyer to tour my home?

All VroomBrick users check 4 boxes:

Verified: Military Verification
Qualified: pre-approval letter issued via lender
Speedy: Can close in 15 days
VA Loan: low barrier loan with 0% down needed

Are their benefits to for me?

Absolutely! VroomBrick allows you to get more showings from qualified buyers who can close in as little at 15 days.

VroomBrick buyers are taking what would have went to a buyers agent and reallocating it towards their closing cost: 1) making it easier for them to close and 2) it doesn't affect your bottom line as a seller.

Is it safe to allow people to tour my home?

All VroomBrick users are accompanied by a showing agent. Each VroomBrick user is a Veterans, Active duty military or dependent.

What if something breaks?

VroomBrick buyers are accompanied with a showing agent and are instructed to leave the home in the condition that it was when they arrived. Disputes will be initially arbitrated via the VroomBrick platform and the responsible party will pay for damages.

Please email for any issues

How does VroomBrick make sure the buyer gets to closing?

Its simple, VroomBrick only sends ready, willing and able buyers to homes. Our pool of military buyers tend to be more serious than the broader population of buyers as a whole and we provide a quality platform and service to facilitate their home buying process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Agents

What is VroomBrick?

Vroombrick is not a Brokerage, we are a transaction facilitation company. We have a tech enabled platform which facilitates the buying or selling process through the user’s personalized dashboard.

How do Vroombrick buyers see the property?

We partner with local showing agents. We have agents present for home inspections, showings etc.

What Closing Attorney’s does Vroombrick work with?

Buyer or Seller’s choice, our platform is designed to work with any settlement company.

Can my seller counter a Vroombrick user's offer with anything they want?

Counter offers would get uploaded to their user dashboard. The buyer has the option to consult a closing attorney before making a decision.

Please email for any issues

How does Vroombrick get paid?

Vroombrick charges a 1% technology fee to the seller and whatever is left goes to the buyer or seller to use at their discretion as lender guidelines allow

Does Vroombrick work with any Local Lenders?

Buyers can use any lender they prefer.

Are Vroombrick users unrepresented?

On the listing side, our platform partners with flat rate brokers strictly to get homes listed on the MLS. On the buyers side, Vroombrick users choose a local closing attorney but are not represented in the brokerage capacity.

Working with VroomBrick gave me peace of mind when looking to buy a new home. The guidance they provided not only led me to a great home but also saved me thousands of dollars by not needing to hire a real estate agent.
Thomas Locke
Hampton Roads

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