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The Problem

High Closing Costs. Military buyers have access to a 0% VA loan, which eliminates the need for a down payment. However, closing costs can still amount to approximately 3% of the purchase price (on average $9000), posing a significant financial barrier even with the VA loan benefits.


Commission Costs. Military sellers on 2-3 year orders have little time to build substantial equity in a home. Realtor commissions, often up to 6%, significantly reduce their net worth, acting as a tax on their limited equity.


Time-Consuming and Cumbersome Process. Trying to buy or sell a home on your own to save can be overwhelming...

So why not do it on your own?

...But not when you use VroomBrick

VroomBrick empowers you to conquer the home buying or selling process with The Three S’s


Web-app provides step-by-step dashboard guidance and all the tools to automate your buying or selling process efficiently with timely notifications and user compatibility.


By using the VroomBrick platform, you get the money that would have gone to a realtor and VroomBrick only charges a 1% technology fee, significantly reducing your cost.

Stakeholder Connections

Empower yourself with a Relocation Concierge, Closing Attorney, and Lender committed to your savings.

How It Works at VroomBrick
Direct and simple, Not a Brokerage

Create a VroomBrick account

Our platform will empower you to confidently navigate every step of the home buying or selling process.

2020 - 2021

Get Connected

We connect you to a local lender, real estate attorney, and virtual assistant to help you manage/schedule showings and answer any questions.

19 Jul 2024

Make or Receive an Offer

Use our offer simulator tool to explore your options, or consult with our real estate attorney for guidance on crafting a winning offer as a buyer or evaluating offers as a seller.

19 Jul 2024

Offer Acceptance

The VroomBrick transaction dashboard gives you an interface to see updates on time-sensitive task and upload documents.

19 Jul 2024


You’re now a homeowner or seller that has saved THOUSANDS using VroomBrick!

19 Jul 2024

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With VroomBrick, you can eliminate excess fees and keep costs low​

Take control of your homeownership journey and get started with VroomBrick Today.

VroomBrick provides you with the tools and knowledge to successfully navigate the home buying process without relying on a real estate agent

This empowers you to take control of your homeownership journey and save on unnecessary fees, making homeownership more accessible.

VroomBrick is grounded in its commitment to home affordability, transparency, and integrity.

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I appreciate how their platform laid out each step of the homebuying process to give us the assurance that we were in control of the process. Thank you again, VroomBrick team!
Meredith C.
Northern Virginia

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VroomBrick’s mission is to democratize the home buying process. We aim to make homeownership more accessible by lowering the barriers to knowledge and removing unnecessary fees for buyers.



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